PhDr. ¼ubica Skovayová

She was born in Bratislava on 27th June 1956. She completed the single section study of psychology at the Philosophy faculty of the University of Komensky in Bratislava. (1980). During the period 1982 – 1993, she worked in the Slovak Academy of Science, at the Institute of Experimental Psychology, as a scientific employee.

Since 1993, she has been involved in the problems of treatment and prevention of addiction. In the same year, she started at the Centre for Treatment of Drug Dependencies in Bratislava, where she worked as an independent psychologist in alcohol, later in drug addiction.

During the years 1996 – 1998, she oriented herself mostly on the field of primary prevention, both in theoretical and practical areas.

In 1998, she entered the newly established Institute of Drug Addiction (IDZ) at the Centre for Treatment of Drug Addiction in Bratislava, where at present she is working in its management. She is co-ordinating the scientific-research, education organisational and information part of the work of the institute and she is therapeutically involved especially in the problems of family relationships of addicts. She is a member of the Committee for Prevention of Criminality at Municipal authorities of Bratislava - the capital city of the Slovak Republic.