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The Institute of Drug Dependencies (IDD) is a part the organizational structure of the Center for Treatment of Drug Dependencies (CTDD).
It was established by the Ministry of Health on the 1st January 1998. IDD has the following principal objectives:


The research is mostly oriented towards clinical and public health issues, which are related to drug use. The following are the research projects, which are conducted at IDD:


Training is oriented towards developing and enhancing some theoretical but mostly practical knowledge and skills of the people who are working in the field of drug demand reduction.
It is provided to health professionals, doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, students and others with motivation for this kind of work. We conduct one day seminars and workshops and we are also preparing longer courses with certification for drug counselors. There are several slots for trainees who wish to gain a deeper insight into the programs of IDD and CTTD institutions.
The main topics for training are:


International collaboration

We are developing bilateral contacts with public institutions as well as with NGOs in Europe and overseas.

Institute of Drug Dependencies