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MUDr. Ľubomír Okruhlica CSc., director

Questions regarding international and national strategy of decreasing demand for drugs. The philosophy of care of the users of psychoactive substances within the province of health services. The organisation of prevention, care and treatment. The legal aspects from the health service point of view. There are the questions from another area regarding ascertainment /diagnostics/ of taking habit-forming substances, detoxification from opiates, amphetamines, cocaine and the methods of the sustaining and substitution treatment of addictions.Questions regarding the problems of prevention and treatment of the blood communicable infectious diseases of intravenous drug addicts: HIV, AIDS, hepatitis of B,C type.

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MUDr. Daniela Cymbalová


Questions regarding the detoxification of addicts on alcohol and medicines (sedatives and hypnotic). Questions connected with the long-term treatment of addiction in a therapeutic community.

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PaedDr. Hroznata Živný

Questions aimed at the problems of pathological gambling. Questions linked with the long-term out-patient treatment of addictions, especially alcoholics in the clubs and self-help groups. Questions connected with application of psychotherapy, bibliotherapy and arttherapy in the treatment of addiction.

Questions connected with the consultancy, individual and group psychotherapy for addicts on the psychoactive substances.

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PhDr. Ľubica Skovayová

Questions regarding the co-operation and assistance of family members, friends and acquaintances in the treatment of addiction. She will provide information about the possibilities of lectures in the field of primary prevention, especially for young people. She provides information about the possibilities of taking part in the course for consultants in the field of addiction and about other events of the Institute of drug addiction at the Centre for Treatment of Drug Addiction.

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E. Schwartzová

Questions from the field of social care of drug users and about the possibilities of social reintegration for the abstinent cured of addiction.

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Mgr. Tamara Svetoňová

Questions regarding the treatment of tobacco addiction.

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